What is a Speed Feed trimmer head?



What in the world is that? It’s the “Speed Feed” trimmer head

People are creatures of habit.

When it comes to trimmer heads, it seems like many people are died in the wool whatever they are. They have what they have and they’re used to what they have and when it comes time to replace what they have, they have no inclination to explore options….just give me what I have.

But when you talk to them about what they have, pretty soon the complaints start to come out. And believe me…they all sound the same.

“The trimmer head is a four alarm pain to refill.”

“I hate trying to put new line in it. That spring is way too springy!”

“I’m sick of dirt getting up in there and jamming up the line. I have to crack it open and it just falls apart!”

“The trimmer head is just fine, but my neighbor is just…so…creepy.”

Well, we can’t help you with your neighbor, but when it comes to trimmer head woes, you may consider checking out a “Speed Feed” style trimmer head.

Why? I’m so glad you asked.

Quite simply, they are rugged, easy to install and there is no dis-assembly when replacing the trimmer line.

Go on…try to break it.

These units are sturdy, which is good because you’re going to be whacking that thing on the ground a lot. Unlike the old models, where the bump-feed button is actually a spring loaded button, protruding from the trimmer head, the speed-feed’s button is the entire face of the trimmer head. The strike area is large and made of a single, molded cap. No more broken buttons, no more brittle plastic components. This guy can take a smackin and keep on whackin! And if you strike that thing on the ground like Jose Conseco and it actually does break, the replacement part is simple to get and easier to replace. Just push it on and snap it in place.

You can’t screw up screwing it on

The unit often comes with a simple, threaded arbor socket on the back, and many of the Speed Feed style heads come with a few sizes to choose from. Just insert your threaded end into the back of the trimmer head and give it a twirl! Of course, not all trimmers are the same and your trimmer may not be compatible with particular trimmer head. In that case, its time to buy a new trimmer! HA! Gimme a call, I’ll hook you up!

Finally, the biggest selling point of all! You don’t take this thing apart to replace the string. It’s so simple, even I can do it. And I’m the dumbest dude I know!

The pizza day resistance!

  • There is a plastic plate at the back of the trimmer head (that would be the side you look at when you’re using your trimmer), and on that plate are two arrows molded into the plastic.
  • When the trimmer line is gone, just turn the trimmer head until the two arrows line up with the two “eyelets” on the side of the head. That’s the holes that the line comes out of.
  • Take your trimmer line (around 20 feet or so), insert the end of it into one of the eyelets and out the other (just like threading a needle).
  • Pull the end through and slide the trimmer head to the middle of the line.
  • Now start twisting that trimmer head and the line winds itself right up inside!

That’s it.

“No way!”


To see this miracle of modern technology in action, check out the video here: High-capacity Speed-Feed® head for larger line capacity

Now the video profiles the Echo SRM-266 trimmer, but there are several after-market versions of this very same trimmer head that may fit your trimmer.

Enticed? I thought you might be.

So, let’s do this thing

Give us a call at Lawnmowerpros.com and we’ll figure out if there is a Speed Feed trimmer head available for your trimmer.

So there you have it. Check this thing out, you’ll be happy you did.

And with all the time you save not having to chase your trimmer head spring across the lawn, you could put up a proper fence between you and Captain Creepo!



LawnMowerPros.com carries 100’s of speed feed trimmer heads for top brands such as Echo, Honda, John Deere, MTD, Murray, Sears, Shindaiwa, Snapper, Stihl, Toro and many more. Find the Speed-Feed Trimmer Head for your trimmer.

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