Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers

Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers transform an ordinary lawn tractor or lawn mower into a beautiful grass chomping machine. If you’ve never seen wheelies tractor wheel covers before you’ll be shocked at how nice they’ll make your tractor look.

You can even install them on your golf cart, go-kart or lawn trailer.

These wheel covers snap into place in only a few minutes and will make your tractor stand out from the crowd.


Wheelies Snap Fit


  • Dress up your lawn tractor with customizable wheel covers
  • Available in 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″
  • Durable chrome finish – will never rust.
  • Matches to your tire size effortlessly.
  • SnapFit to Rim – Easy and Secure.
  • Built To Last – Protect Your Wheels.
  • 5 Customizable Color Accents to Match Most Tractors     
  • Intended for Off-Road Use Only
Tractor Wheel Covers
Orange Wheelie Insert
Tractor Wheel Covers
Yellow Wheelie Insert
Tractor Wheel Covers
Grey Wheelie Insert
Tractor Wheel Covers
Red Wheelie Insert
Tractor Wheel Covers
Peach Wheelies Insert


The following video shows how easy it is to install wheelies on your tractor and how beautiful it will look after you’re done.

Wheelies Reviews

I love these caps. I have 2 riding mowers and I have a full set on both of them. Take a $300 mower and make it look like a $1300 mower (But they don’t make your lawn look any better…LOL)”

These are very nice. They are built to last and look very cool. I love how you can match the tractor you put them on. Very easy to figure out, just put in the color insert and put it on. I think price is reasonable for the quality.”

Look great and fit tight. Come with 5 different color inserts to match your rims or machine. High quality, Durable”

These wheel covers add a totally new look to my tractor.

Great product!! Makes your mower one-of-a-kind!!”

Love this item. As a new riding mower owner I saw these and just had to have them. More just for show but neat. Sharp Looking.”

Awesome it can’t get any better

I purchased a new craftman yard tractor 46″ deck with 21 hp. briggs. the thing is the tractor is bright red with black trim but it came with grey wheels front and rear . I like the looks ok but the wheels are an eye sore they take something away from the overall appearance it needed some bling! I was walking looking around the store waiting to pickup my mower when I saw the display with the best looking thing for a riding mower ever . I see 6″ front and 8″ rear chrome mag wheel covers for a lawn mower! I was blown away I ran over to the display and grabbed box of each.  These things are so cool I almost got frost bite going back to the checkout. I now have a awesome looking lawn dragster, I mean lawn mower.

Sharp lookin`!!!

Love Them. They Look Great On My Husqvarna.

I bought me a set of those hub caps for my lawn mower an my friends have flipped out over these things! They think I’m trying to win sum kind of lawn mower of the year award or sumpn. Man, I’ll tell you, I think they are the coolest things! My wife claims I have OCD jus’ because I wash, polish, and armorall my tires on my mower when I get thru using it. But hey, I can’t buy one every year so I have to keep it clean, huh? By the way, I purchased a set of 12″ hub caps from ya’ll for my dad’s Honda foreman 4 wheeler an he’s tickled to death! You’d have thought he had a brand new one by the way he acts!

They Look Great On My Husqvarna. Love Them. Have Had Many Comments and Folks Asking Where I Got Them.

I saw these mag wheel hub caps online somewhere and just had to have them. These are a great add on to any lawn tractor with 8″wheels and 6″ wheels.”

“Lawnmower hub caps. these are awesome. does not take much time to wash your mower. get dirt on them and you can just wash off with the water hose. saw my buddies first and had to have a set myself. looks good.

To all the car crazy guys out there,you wouldn’t dream of riding in a vehicle with ugly wheels…the same holds true for your riding lawn mower. The chrome wheel inserts look fantastic and my neighbors are on their way over to SEARS for theirs….we are planning a Memorial Day parade to include all the riding lawn mowers, to conclude with a trophy for BEST LOOKING LAWN MOWER I’ll let you know who walks ( rides ) away with the grand prize.

You have no idea how you will feel riding on your tractor with the colorful wheel covers, wondering how long it takes the neighbors to notice and ask you, “Did your tractor come with wheel covers”? The different colors allow you to choose the color for your brand. Me? I’m a Craftsman Gal, so I chose the red to match my red 42 inch Craftsman lawn mower. It’s like driving down the road as a teenager in your 1st car.

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Tractor Wheel Covers

Wheelies are easy to install.  View the Wheelies Installation Instructions.


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