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Briggs And Stratton 795161 Alcohol Test Kit

Alcohol Tester

Briggs & Stratton introduced a tester to determine the alcohol content in gasoline almost three decades ago. At that point, we were concerned about the damage fuel containing more than 10% alcohol could do to fuel systems. Fuel in some parts of the world is being marketed with 75 to 85 percent alcohol. Because this fuel is not suitable for use in our engines, you may need to have a method to determine what the actual content is. Designed to measure a percentage of volume somewhere in the 20% range, the old tester is not quite up to the task. This paved the way for introduction of the 795161 tester, marked with a calibration line at 10%, 20%, 70% and another at 85%. This provides the technician with visual cues as to the alcohol content.

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Price: $8.99

BRIGGS AND STRATTON 795163 Hand Held Tiny-Tach Diagnostic Tool

Part number 795163 is a pulse operated, hand-held tachometer designed more as a diagnostic tool than other Tiny-Tachs. This tach is set up as a wireless device but comes equipped with a plug in wired antenna for those occasions where a stable rpm reading is hard to get. Besides the standard rpm display, the tach can be programmed to display MAX rpm reached during each use. This is a nice, handheld wireless tachometer!
Price: $391.99

BRIGGS AND STRATTON 795193 Commercial Tachometer

Briggs and Stratton Part number 795193 is a new commercial Tiny-Tach that has the same 20K rpm limit and refresh rate as the improved version mentioned previously.

According to Tiny-Tach, the… "Commercial Gas Model can be used as a complete Service Tracking device for any spark ignited engine. It is programmable for different firing orders as well as for tracking two different service intervals."

This is way more than a tachometer. See features below.
- This unit captures total time in hours and minutes up to 200 hours and hours only thereafter

- Displays anytime the engine is running, up to 20,000 rpm
- Displays maximum rpm recorded. Resetable
- Job length of time. A resetable timer displayed in hours and minutes up to 200 hours
- Programmable "time till service" counter 0 to 50 hours
- Programmable "time till service" counter 0 to 250 hours
Price: $148.99


This tachometer uses the trigger module from the 3/LC gas engine as a sensor to monitor crankshaft motion. Most diesel engines sold since 2007 are equipped with this sensor. If not, it will have to be added. Order 825009 for the trigger module and 820013 for an attachment screw. The tachometer is powered by the pulses from the trigger module so it does not require an external battery. Besides a tachometer function, this unit also has 2 service countdown circuits, a max rpm circuit and a timer function that can be used to time specific jobs.
Price: $110.59

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