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Briggs And Stratton 799982 Short Block Model 12 Vertical

Vertical Short Block
Uses Crankshaft 694849
7/8" x 1-13/16 with keyway
Drilled & Tapped 3/8-24
Includes gaskets needed for short block change over

- Briggs and Stratton 792440
- and others

122K02-0129-E1 122K02-0137-E1 122K02-0158-E1 122K02-0169-E1 122T02-0171-B1 123K02-0005-B1 123K02-0005-E1 123K02-0156-E1 123K02-0236-E1 123K02-0269-E1 124L02-0120-F1 124L02-0124-F1 124L02-0134-F1 124T02-0130-B1 124T02-0130-E1 124T02-0232-B1 124T02-0233-B1 125K02-0005-B1 125K02-0005-E1 125K02-0131-E1 125K02-0132-E1 125K02-0137-E1 125K02-0138-E1 126L02-0111-F1 126L02-0117-F1 126L02-0119-F1 126L02-0121-F1 126L02-0126-F1 126L02-0127-F1 126L02-0128-F1 126L02-0133-F1 126L02-0134-F1 126L02-0136-F1 126L02-0142-F1 126L02-0150-A1 126L02-0150-F1 126L02-1005-F1 126L02-1014-F1 126T02-0005-B1 126T02-0005-E1 126T02-0114-B1 126T02-0114-B2 126T02-0114-E1 126T02-0128-B1 126T02-0129-B1 126T02-0130-B1 126T02-0131-B1 126T02-0131-E1 126T02-0179-B1 126T02-0188-B1 126T02-0191-B1 126T02-0260-B1 126T02-0273-A1 126T02-0295-B1 126T02-0301-B1 126T02-0302-B1 126T02-0304-B1 126T02-0305-B1 126T02-0321-A1 126T02-0321-B1 126T02-0334-B1 126T02-0342-A1 126T02-0342-B1 126T02-0343-B1 126T02-0344-A1 126T02-0344-B1 126T02-0356-A1 126T02-0356-B1 12H802-1726-D1 12H802-2044-B1 12H802-2349-B1 12H802-2349-B2 12H802-2349-C1 12H802-2349-C2 12H802-2349-D1 12H802-2349-D2 12H802-2349-E1 12H802-2349-E2 12J902-0111-90 12J902-0111-B1
Price: $204.99


Fuel Tank Cap
2-Cycle (9 CID) 50:1 Mixture
Price: $10.95

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