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Digital Multimeter
Use for diagnosing and testing electrical, charging and starting systems just to mention a few. This meter also comes with the Cable and software to connect to a computer for diagnostic readings of the equipment you are testing.

Meter Features:
Volts Scale: 0 to 750 AC
0 to 1000 DC
Ohms Scale: 0 to 320,000,000
Amperage - AC, DC 0 to 10 Continuous
0 to 20 for 30 Seconds
Audible Diode Test
Audible Continuity Test
Auto Ranging
Frequency Testing
and comes with
Temperature Testing Thermal Coupler

NOTE: See 19499 AC/DC Current Clamp for more uses.

Briggs And Stratton 19584 Flywheel Puller

This flywheel puller is designed to work specifically with Billet aluminum motor sports flywheels only.
Price: $87.99

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