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-80 lb. load capacity
-10" plastic wheels
-High-impact polyporpylene hopper
-8 Feet to 10 Feet broadcast width

Price: $124.95


    • Durable epoxy coated frame to resist corrosion
    • Welded frame minimizes flex and properly balances the load over the wheels for easy maneuvering
    • Can be used as de-icier or fertilizer spreaders
    • ON/OFF plunger locks into place to ...


      • Echo 41RS
      • and others

Price: $122.95

PRIZELAWN BF1 Bigfoot Spreader

The standard BF1 offers an epoxy powder coated frame with the ergonomic features of the BF1SS. An excellent quality, high-capacity spreader requiring few adjustments. All components contacting fertilizer are either plastic or stainless steel. Gear cover and hopper cover standard. 1.75 cubic foot...

Price: $455.95

PRIZELAWN BF1SS-B Stainless Steel Bigfoot Spreader with Black Hopper

The BF1SS "Bigfoot" is a state-of-the-art spreader designed with the operator in mind. Its unique fingertip controls allow "on-the-go" operation of the third port and side deflector without stopping or stooping. Perfectly balanced stainless steel frame features ergonomic handles and a wide stance...

Price: $530.95

Prizelawn BF1SS-HVO Stainless Steel Bigfoot High Volume Spreader

The Bigfoot BF1-HVO (high volume output) features a hinged plate for conversion from fertilizer spreading to high volume application. It is designed for the application of PennMulch topdress sand, icemelt, limestone, or other high-rate products while retaining all the adjustments and features of th...

Price: $610.99

Prizelawn BG Belly Grinder Spreader

A highly accurate and adjustable shoulder-carry unit perfect for narrow areas and hillsides. Also used widely in greenhouses and nurseries. Light weight but sturdy. 20 lbs. capacity / UV resistant polyethylene hopper Screw on cap / Adjustable strap with carry position Heavy duty enclosed gears /...

Price: $114.99

PRIZELAWN CBR4 Commercial Broadcast Spreader

The fourth generation of the "Commercial Broadcast" spreader offers a redesigned ergonomic handle and 13-inch wheels for reduced push effort. Its single port design is familiar and dependable and its "bag and a half" capacity is perfect for most jobs. Gear cover and hopper cover standard. 1.25 c...

Price: $349.99

Prizelawn CBR4SS-IM Stainless Steel Commercial Broadcast Spreader

The fourth generation version of the Commercial Broadcast spreader offers a new ergonomic stainless steel frame with reduced assembly. Ready to go in half the time!
Upgrades include Bigfoot tires and larger diameter axle, handle grab bar. Its single port design is familiar and dependable and it...

Price: $469.99

Prizelawn CD36C Commercial 100# Drop Spreader

Professionals who demand the highest quality drop spreader choose the "Commercial Drop" CD36C. This 36-inch pattern unit is an industry standard for accuracy and easy operation. The ergonomic handle and split agitator make turns effortless. The welded hopper and handles are epoxy powder coated for...

Price: $625.99

Prizelawn LF1 Littlefoot Spreader

The LF l "Littlefoot" is the perfect size for light duty commercial use or for homeowners who demand the best in an affordable spreader. Its gearing allows a full swath at 3 m.p.h. application speed or a smaller swath at lower speed. Great for ice melt! Gear cover and hopper cover standard. .75 ...

Price: $156.99

PRIZELAWN MPR1 Mid Pro Rotary Spreader

The MPR1 "Mid Pro Rotary" is an economical version of the CBR3. It utilizes the same single port hopper design and spreads the same swath. Your turf will not know the difference, but your wallet will! Gear cover and hopper cover standard. 1.25 cubic foot capacity (70 + lbs. fertilizer) / Positive...

Price: $239.99


The new ProPel is the most cost-effective approach to self-propelled fertilizer spreading. Attaches to BF1, BF1SS, BF1SS-B or BF1SS-HVO spreaders (not included) For a color-match order BF1SS-B with a black hopper. 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine / Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission Variable gro...

Price: $1999.95

Shindaiwa RS41 Broadcast Spreader

Perfect homeowner model for areas less than one acre.

- .75 cu. ft. Hopper
- Rotary Agitator Stirs Material
- Factory Calibrated for Consistent Application

- Dry Weight 13.6 lbs.
- Hopper Height 22 in.
- H...


  • Echo RS41
  • and others

Price: $133.95

Shindaiwa RS60 Broadcast Spreader-Oversize

Large capacity hopper for areas greater than one acre.

- Welded, Epoxy-coated Frame
- Finger-tip Adjustable Rate Control
- 13 cu. ft. Hopper

- Dry Weight 22.5 lbs.
- Hopper Height 27 in.
- Handle Length 3...


  • Echo RS60
  • and others

Price: $219.99

Shindaiwa RS76 Broadcast Spreader

Large capacity rugged spreader for heavy-duty, all-purpose use and includes a lifetime gear warranty.

- Welded, Epoxy-coated Frame
- Finger-tip Adjustable Rate Control
- Lifetime Gear Warranty

- Dry Weight: 26.8 lbs.


  • Echo RS76
  • and others

Price: $299.99

Shindaiwa RS76S Broadcast Spreader, Replaces Rs75S

Shindaiwa RS76S Broadcast Spreaders

Stainless steel frame built for the harshest use and long life including a lifetime gear warranty.

- Durable construction using superior materials
- Spring loaded on-off mechanism
- Convenient rate ad...


  • Echo RS76S
  • and others

Price: $399.99

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