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Chainsaw Chain Breakers

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Oregon 24548-SI Heavy Duty Chain Breaker & Bar Nose Rivet Driver for Chainsaw

Another heavy-weight champion of service tools from Oregon.

This multi-purpose tool breaks all chain pitches, including 3/4", and can also be used to drive out bar nose rivets, including the nose rivets on big 3/4" pitch harvester bars.

Heavy-duty materials and top-quality components are used throughout, and replacement parts are available separately to keep this ultimate shop tool in service for a long time.

Punches for all chain pitches are included. Anvil for 3/4" pitch chain must be purchased separately.

110436si Punch Holder
38594 Standard Chain Punch for Chain Pitches: 1/4", 3/8 Low Profile, .325", 3/8", & .404"
110438si 3/4" Pitch Chain Punch
102623si Bar Nose Rivet Punch
111939 Breaker Anvil

Optional Components
505033 Breaker Anvil for Harvester Bar Noses
25049 Breaker Anvil, 3/4" Pitch Chain

Price: $340.99

Price: $48.49



  • Echo 38594
  • and others

Price: $6.79

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