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Chainsaw Chain Grinders

Chainsaw Chain Grinders: available online. We carry a large selection of Chainsaw Chain Grinders. Keep you chain in top cutting shape with one of these chainsaw grinders. A sharp chain is a safer chain. If you do not see the Chainsaw Chain Grinder you need, please complete a Help Request and we will be happy to assist you.

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Oregon 108181 Oregon Bench-Mounted Mini Grinder for

The compact alternative to full-size bench grinders. A quality tool that delivers precision results in a very small space.
Comes with one grinding wheel, P/N OR4125-316, 3/16", for sharpening .325"-pitch and standard 3/8"-pitch (72/73/75 series) chains
Also comes with a wheel-dressing brick, and a template for: pitch, depth-gauge setting, and wheel contour
Sharpens many 1/4", .325", and mini 3/8"-pitch chains.
Sharpens most chains up to .404"-pitch with optional wheels, available separately
Runs on standard 115-volt power

Price: $216.65


All the features of our most popular bench grinder plus a built-in hydraulic assist that closes the chain vise automatically each time the motor and wheel are lowered.
Eliminates manual locking and unlocking of the vise as each cutter is sharpened
This grinder comes with three grinding wheels (Part numbers: OR534-14, 1/4"; OR534-18, 1/8"; and OR534-316, 3/16"), a wheel-dressing brick, and a template for: pitch, depth-gauge setting, and wheel contour

OREGON 28588A ELECTRIC SURE SHARP - 12V (NEW) (replaces 28588) for

A durable, economical tool that makes hand-sharpening easy.

Rugged, reliable
Withstands periods of extended use
Runs on a standard 12-volt auto-type battery or connect using an automobile power adapter
Sharpens any round-ground 90, 91, 1/4", .325", 3/8" or .404"-pitch chain
New shank lock feature allows for easier stone replacement
Includes: three sizes of sharpening stones (5/32", 3/16", 7/32"), and a collet wrench.

Price: $81.89


- These handsome, durable machines are built with the quality and features needed for frequent high-volume chain sharpening.
- Powerful motor
- Easy-to-use controls
- Excellent safety features
- Built-in light - Wheel dressing brick
- Template for: pitch, depth gauge setting and wheel contour
- Replacement parts are available separately
- Net weight: 16 Ibs. - Motor and Electrical Specifications: Single phase, 115V-AC, 60 HZ, 3 amp, 285 watt, 3400 RPM direct-drive motor, 0.38 horsepower

STENS 700-010 Chain Grinder Super Jolly w/hydraulic clamp for

Grind all types of chain, from 1/4"-3/4" pitch
Equipped with a semi-automatic hydraulic chain clamp vise
Reduces steps required allowing the operator to index chain faster
Sharpening time can be reduced as much as half
Comes with 3 grinding wheels: 3.2mm for 1/4", 3/8" LP, 4.7mm for .325", 3/8" and .404" and 8mm for 3/4" pitch
Includes wheel dressing brick, wheel gauges, and hex wrenches for changing wheels
Powerful 300 watt/3400 RPM direct-drive, ball bearing mounted motor
Special tilting vise pivots to provide additional 10 degree horizontal angle for sharpening chisel chain
Built in lamp
Mounts on bench or wall

Uses 700-102 Chain Grinding Wheel
Uses 700-106 Chain Grinding Wheel
Uses 700-110 Chain Grinding Wheel

Price: $630.51

Showing 5 Products

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We know deciding which chainsaw grinder is right for you can be a tough decision. Try our Chain Grinder Comparison Chart. It lists all the popular models with an easy to find cross reference chart.

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