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Stens 051-015 Multi Tire Changer

This Item is No Longer Available

Stens 051-015 Multi Tire Changer

Product Description

- Accomodate both open hub and bearing type wheels
- Accomodates 4" to 16.5" wheels
- Change small tires and wheels with ease, speed, safety and simplicity
- Eliminate prying and pounding with unsafe tools
- Ergonomic height for ease to use
- Includes stand, head breaker and extensions
- Mongoose tire tool, with its ball and neck ends, lock the tool into working position for optimal ease in mounting and de-mounting
- Rim and tire are quickly and easily locked into asecure position to hold the wheel for changing
- Rims are locked in place by three adjustable clamps assuring tires won't slip during changing
- Stand includes a leverage bar for the bead breaking attachment
- Takes up no precious bench space and all tools stored on the stand
- Tires come off rim in one simple motion: tire tool minimizes twisting and turning

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