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GENERAC 0J580100CW WEATHER KIT - 8-10 kW (2008 and newer)

Price: $409.95

GENUINE GENERAC 0J580100CW COLD WEATHER KIT FOR 8-10 kW Generac Generators (2008 and newer)

Product Description

When the temperature dips below freezing, the cold weather kit keeps your generator ready for operation.

This kit includes:

- OEM replacement oil 2 quarts 5W-30 synthetic
- OEM oil filter
- Thermostatically controlled battery warmer
- Thermostatically controlled crankcase oil heater
This cold weather kit is intended for use with 8kW - 10kW (2008 and newer) Generac, Guardian, and Centurion series residential automatic home-standby generator. Please obtain your generator model number from the data tag which is located inside the generator enclosure on the divider plate near the control panel.

This kit is recommended for generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature falls below an acceptable level, the thermostat activates the crankcase oil heater and battery warmer in order to maintain optimum battery temperature.

When installing a cold weather kit, it is required that the oil and filter are replaced with the Generac Power Systems provided 5W-30 synthetic and OEM oil filter for better engine start capability.

This kit used on the generator model numbers listed below. 0052410 0052810 0056110 0058831 0060510 0055010 0058701 0052411 0052811 0058180 0058920 0060511 0055180 0058820 0052419 0054730 0058260 0058921 0052400 0055181 0058821 0052480 0055020 0058710 0058980 0052470 0055260 0058910 0052481 0055200 0058711 0059140 0052510 0055340 0058911 0052520 0055201 0058770 0059141 0052800 0056100 0058970 0052521 0055280 0058830 0059180 0054720 0058700


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