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GENERAC 0J62470SSM Synthetic MAINTENANCE Kit for 8kW Generac Generator (Pre-2008)

This Item is No Longer Available

GENUINE GENERAC 0J62470SSM Synthetic MAINTENANCE Kit for 8kW Generac Generator (Pre-2008)

Product Description

All generators require regular maintenance to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Original equipment parts and accessories provide the best results.

This kit includes:

- (2) quarts oil - 5W-30 fully synthetic
- Oil filter
- Air filter
- (1) spark plug
- Funnel
- Reminder card
- Shop towel

Picture may not reflect actual shape and size of kit items.

This maintenance kit contains 5W-30 fully synthetic oil and is for the 8kW Generac, Guardian, Centurion, and Watchdog (Pre-2008) series residential automatic home-standby generator. Please obtain your generator model number from the data tag which is located inside the generator enclosure on the divider plate near the control panel.

This maintenance kit offers all the items necessary to perform complete maintenance on your Generac automatic home-standby generator. Generac recommends performing maintenance once per year - more frequently if running in a dusty environment or after prolonged use. Please refer to the generator owner's manual for specific maintenance information including the exact oil capacity of the engine.

Picture above may not reflect actual shape and size of kit items.

Generator model numbers 0043890, 0043891, 0043892, 0043893, 0046730, 0046731, 0046732, 0046790, 0046791, 0046792, 0046793, 0047580, 0047581, 0047582, 0052400, 0052470, 0052510, 0052800, 0054720


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