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Briggs And Stratton 697739 Short Block Model 21 Avs

Price: $366.99

Genuine Briggs & Stratton 697739 Short Block Model 21 Avs

Product Description

Uses Crankshaft 697390
Drilled & Tapped 7/16-20, Keyway & 1" Diameter
3-5/32" Measured from sump face
Mechanical Governor
Bearing PTO Side: Plain
Bearing Magneto Side: Ball Bearing
Pressure Lubrication
Notes: Sleeve Bore
Includes gaskets needed for short block change over

Engines Built Prior to 07/12/2012 should use a href="">Briggs and Stratton short block 697739. Engines built on or after 07/12/2012 should use a href="">Briggs and Stratton short block 592056

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  • Murray 697739
  • Snapper 697739
  • and others

WEIGHT: 34 lbs


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