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PELTOR 97044-00000 TACTICAL 6S

This Item is No Longer Available

PELTOR 97044-00000 TACTICAL 6S

Product Description

These are the "Listening" muffs that help protect against harmful noise while amplifying low level sounds. They are a real plus for shooters with less than perfect hearing. Electronics limits amplified sound to 82 dB. Features include easy storage and portability and they are lightweight (8.8oz). Amplifies low-level sounds up to 19 dB. Stereo microphones enhance sound localization. Independent volume controls are standard on each cup. They are excellent for hunting applications, and for persons with pre-existing hearing loss. Impulse noise attenuated immediately. Features dual, stereo volume controls. Wide, soft padded headband distributes weight while two-point suspension exerts low pressure for comfortable, long-term use. Soft, liquid foam-filled ear cushions provide added comfort. Four 1.5 V long life AAA batteries provide 200+ hours of service. (Batteries not included).

WEIGHT: 0.6 lbs


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