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Champion L86C Spark Plug (306)

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Price: $4.99

Champion L86C Spark Plug

Product Description

- Autolite 2656
- Bosch W8AC
- Denso W16FS-U
- and others

- Club Car With Kawasaki 8.2 HP
- Green Machine 4000, 4500(with 1/2" reach)
- Honda F28, F400, G40, G41, G42, G65, GS65, G80, GV150 >2029058 (mag)
- Kawasaki KF24, KT43, KF53D,DA
- Subaru-Robin 2-Cycle EC05-2, EC07, EC07-2, EC25, EC37-3, EC06, EX13, EH18-VX, EH18VX-2, EX17, EX21, EX27, EY10, EY13, EY13-2, EY14, EY18, EY18-2, EY18W, EY12W, EY25 with gasoline, EY15, EY15V, EY20, EY20V, EY28, EY44, EY21
- Tecumseh OHM120 spec #220000 to 223999, OHSK110 (spec #222999 and lower), OHSK120 (spec# 222999 and lower), OHSK130 (spec# 222999 and lower), OVM120, OVXL/C120 (spec #202700 to 202999), OVXL120 (spec #202700 to 202999), OVXL125 (spec #202700 to 202999)
- Wisconsin-Robin W1-145, W1-185, EY18-3W (gasoline), EY44W, WO1-115, WO1-150, WO1-210, WO1-300, W01-300V, WO1-340, WO1-340V, WO1-430V, WO1-510, WO1-560, WT1-125V, W1-145V, W1-185V, W1-450V
- Wisconsin Robin WI-390 without solid state ignition
- Yamaha G1 thru 1982
- and others

For Wisconsin Robin WI-390 with solid state ignition use BP4HS.

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