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Dixon Z-Drive Transaxle Disassembly

Written By: Jack Hayes

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  •     Estimated Time Required 12 minutes
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Tools and Parts


Buy these tools

(1) 7/32" allen wrench
(1) 7/16" combination wrench
(1) 9/16" combination wrench
(1) 11/16" combination wrench
(2) 3/4" combination wrenches
(1) needle nose pliers or spring hook
transmission base plate (PN 539116708)


List of parts needed


Describe the work to be performed

Disassembly of Transaxle

Step 1

Figure 28
1. Place the transaxle onto the transmission base plate (PN 539116708) and bolt it down with at least two bolts.

Step 2

Figure 29
2. Loosen the 7/16" lock nuts at the top of each rubber spring assembly.

Step 3

Figure 30
3. Loosen the 3/4" jam nuts on top of each rubber spring assembly.

Step 4

Figure 31
4. Pull the rubber spring assemblies away from each cradle.

Step 5

Figure 32
5. Using the 11/16" combination wrench, loosen the pivot bolt lock nuts.

Step 6

Figure 33
6. Using the needle nosed pliers or the spring hook, remove the cradle spring from the cradle spring holders.

Step 7

Figure 34
7. Using the 7/32" allen wrench, back off the pivot bolts until they are clear of the bushings on each cradle.

Step 8

Figure 35
8. Using a 9/16" wrench, remove the nuts from the top and bottom of each roller plate located at the front of the transmission (four nuts in all).

Step 9

Figure 36
9. Remove the upper rubber tension springs.

Step 10

Figure 37
10. Using a 9/16" combination wrench, loosen the jam nuts at the bottom of each neutral rod.

Step 11

Figure 38
- Using a 9/16" combination wrench, unscrew the neutral assemblies from the base by turning the adjustment nut at the top of the neutral assemblies.

Step 12

Figure 39
- Remove the cradles from the center assembly.