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Basic Chainsaw Guide Bar Maintenance

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Proper chainsaw guide bar basic maintenance can ensure the life of your chainsaw guide  bar.  Use these quick steps to keep your chainsaw guide bar running in top shape.

Step 1: Chain Tension Inspect before use and after every hour of use.

Proper Chainsaw Guide Bar Tension

Step 2: Bar Nose Grease Turn nose sprocket while pumping grease until whole sprocket has new grease. Do not push dirt into hole.

Chainsaw Bar Nose Grease

Step 3: Bar Cleaning Clean bar channel, grease hole and, oil hole daily.

Chainsaw Guide Bar Cleaning

Step 4: Chain and Bar Oil Inspect before use and after every hour of use.

Pouring Chains Oil

Step 5: File Bar Edge File bar edge to 90° weekly or use Bar Rail Dresser Part Number 111439.

Filing Chainsaw Guide Bar Edge

Step 6: Bar Tip Clearance On sprocket nose bars, check for clearance around the bar tip between top of rails and the bottom of cutters or tie straps weekly. Replace nose sprockets before cutters or tie straps contact the bar rails.        Chainsaw Guide Bar Clearance

Step 7: Chain Lean With chain on the bar, hold a straightedge against the bar body and against a cutter side plate. A good groove will hold the chain straight, leaving a small gap between the straight edge and bar body. A worn groove will let the chain lean until straightedge is flush with bar body. Replace bar if groove is worn. Check weekly.    Chainsaw Guidebar Lean

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– Jack Hayes

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