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This quick 5 minute video produced by Scotts Miracle Gro will teach you how easy overseeding your lawn is.

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hi i’m tony if your lawn is starting to look thinner war now

0:17 if it is bare spots where if it isn’t quite as router we resisted as it once

0:21 was

0:22 it might be time to oversee overseeding involves

0:26 a plant grass seed over an existing wanna make it fuller and thicker

0:29 it’s an important part of a good overall lawn care strategy

0:33 early fall isn’t ideal time here for over seating in many parts of the

0:36 country

0:37 although spring can also work in the next few minutes

0:40 will share some tips for overseeding success to help insure good results on

0:45 it overseeing project

0:46 there are a couple things you want to check before you so the grass seed

0:49 one thing to keep in mind is that if you’ve recently use the Wii U controller

0:53 prevention product on your lawn

0:55 you may need to wait a certain length of time before overseeding

0:58 so follow the guidelines on the packaging another thing to check before

1:02 overseeing is the amount of fats built upon the lawn

1:05 that is the lira get grass and other organic material on top of the soil

1:09 having some thatch is normal and beneficial but having more than about a

1:13 half an inch could interfere

1:15 with your lawn tell too much that can also adversely affect overseeing efforts

1:20 because grass seed needs to contact us all to Germany

1:23 the best layer is a much more than a half inch thick and it’s not all that

1:26 difficult to push through with your finger

1:28 aerating the lawn which will talk about more in a minute

1:31 may be enough to break it up if you have a really thick layer of fat

1:36 or if it’s tough to get through he may need to remove it with a detaching

1:39 recordable rake

1:41 or with the power D thatcher before proceeding further

1:44 if cell mow the lawn and collect the clippings first

1:47 also keep in mind that the thatching can be tough on grass

1:51 especially if you use a machine so it’s important the time inappropriately

1:55 you wouldn’t want to do it during a drought or heat wave for example

1:59 one more thing you may need to do before you over seat is there a girl on

2:03 if you haven’t done so recently a rating break subcompact in soil

2:07 helps air water and nutrients penetrate and helps facilitate strong root

2:11 development

2:11 it can also aid breaking up that as I mentioned periodically rating can help

2:16 improve the health and mature lawns

2:18 an A rating before you oversee is a great way to help grass seed settle in

2:22 and get off to a good start

2:23 you wouldn’t want to aerate new grass though to avoid tearing out delicate

2:27 roots

2:28 the best way to aerate a lawn is that the core aerator

2:31 record aerator remove narrow coercive soil a couple inches long

2:35 the scores 10 the filling more slowly than holes punched into the soil with a

2:40 spike aerator

2:41 both manually and Powercor a Raiders are available

2:44 although as you can imagine covering a large area manually takes a while

2:49 for large areas you may prefer use a power rarely

2:52 a reading is easiest on voice to soil

2:55 so you may need to water the lawn but they’re too beforehand

2:59 you also want to mow before you a rate and flag the locations have sprinkler

3:03 heads

3:04 underground lines for other obstacles in your walk the idea is to end up with

3:08 whole space probably three or four inches apart so depending on your

3:12 aerator

3:12 you may need to go over the lawn a couple times a different directions

3:16 the soil cores will break down nationally over time

3:19 see you don’t have to pick them up to do the actual overseeding

3:22 you need a bowl rake enough grass seed to cover your lawn in a formula

3:26 appropriate for your area

3:28 in a broadcast or rotary spreader unless you have an inground sprinkler system

3:32 you’ll also need water more sprinklers and enough garden hose to reach the

3:36 entire

3:37 area your oversee first mow the lawn to the shortest recommended height

3:41 for your grass and collect the clippings the lawn has bare spots

3:44 use the rate to loosen the soil surface and those areas

3:47 using a broadcaster rotary spreader to apply the grassy

3:51 will give you a more precise application and selling by hand check the grassy

3:56 package to determine the recommended application right

3:59 and spreader setting then apply the see the lawn after selling the grass seed

4:04 go over the lawn gently with the rate to help the seats settle in

4:07 then give the lawn of thorough watering the seeds need moisture Germany

4:12 so don’t let them dry out keep the lawn mowing swallowing a couple times a day

4:16 if necessary

4:17 until the ceilings are about to which is high fall the grassy manufacturers

4:21 mowing fertilizing instructions for best results

4:25 and if you apply fertilizer be sure to select a formula that’s appropriate for

4:29 new grass

4:30 i’m tony and I’ll see you next time

Do you have questions or comments about overseeding your lawn?  Please feel free to contact us via phone, email or the comments section below.


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