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This 2 minute video produced by Echo will teach you the proper way to mix gas and oil.

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0:02 in

0:12 all to Stoke Park women cries

0:14 feel makes a gasoline an oil ago recommends a fifty to one mix using high

0:19 octane fuel

0:28 film approved container halfway with fresh

0:31 minimum 89 octane unleaded gasoline at the proper amount

0:39 ft certified two stroke oil to the gasoline

0:42 be sure to follow the appropriate ratios

0:49 a one gallon container requires 2.6

0:54 fluid ounces a boil close a container securely

0:58 and shake it to mix the oil and gasoline

1:01 add remaining volume gasoline

1:09 close the container and reshaped it’s important to remember a few things about

1:18 makes fuel

1:19 do not mix more fuel than you expect to use in a thirty day period

1:23 do not store a unit with fuel in the tank

1:26 return unused fuel to the appropriate container mini

1:35 I’m

1:39 mix feel can separate so be sure to shake the container before adding the

1:44 field next to your unit



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