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Echo produced this great 2 minute video on string trimmer maintenance. ┬áIt covers all the basics you’ll need to know to keep your Echo string trimmer running in top condition.

It’s specifically geared towards Echo String Trimmers but the material is universal to all string trimmers.

Transcript Provided by YouTube
0:03 I and in Roseburg ore that going for break today we’re here talking about how
0:06 to use
0:07 maintain your gas string trimmer now let’s talk about
0:11 long-term storage remains at your gas string trimmer
0:14 first thing you wanna check your fuel lines you want to make sure that there’s
0:17 no cracking your leaking
0:19 as well as your purge valve you make sure it’s in good working order
0:24 it’s not leaking in there’s no cracks secondly you wanna check
0:29 your air filter you wanna make sure that the classics not
0:34 cracked there’s no visible light through the filter
0:38 neck you want to check for spark plug you wanna make sure that has the correct
0:42 gapping and it’s not block in from the fuel next thing you want to check is
0:46 your on-off switch to make sure it works properly
0:48 checker throttle cable that there’s nothing impeding its movement
0:52 make sure that your handle in your gardener tightened up
0:56 you also want to check your trimmer head
0:59 to make sure it’s in good working order than its tightly fastened you may want
1:04 to consider buying a repair kit
1:05 this kit contains a spark plug a fuel filter
1:09 in an air filter I’d recommend that you do this at least
1:13 one to two times per year to keep your gas string trimmer in good working order
1:18 so now let’s talk about the long-term storage every machine
1:21 first thing you want to do is perform all those service related items
1:25 you wanna make sure and remove all your fuel before
1:30 you hang your unit up for the winner you want to make sure that you run a machine
1:34 until it dies
1:35 and there’s no fuel left in the carburetor or the fuel lines you a check
1:39 to make sure that everything is
1:40 tight your handles tie your shields tie
1:43 you want to make sure that it’s free have any debris
1:46 and it solid before you hang it up
1:49 so that’s how you use and maintain your gas stranger I hope these steps have
1:53 been helpful to you
1:54 good luck


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