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Fuel Oil Mix Chart for 2-Cycle Engines

If you’re like me you have THAT neighbor who leaves a large trail of smoke every time he uses his trimmer.  On the bright side it seems to be keeping the mosquitos away.  If you don’t want to be THAT guy you can use our fuel oil mix chart shown below to properly mix fuel for your 2-cycle engine.

Your neighbors and equipment will love you for mixing it right.

Use our handy chart to help you measure the correct fuel oil mix for your 2-cycle engine.


2 Stroke Fuel-Oil Mixture Chart
Gallons of Gasoline 16:1 Ratio 32:1 Ratio 50:1 Ratio
1 8 US Ounces 4 US Ounces 2.5 US Ounces
2 16 US Ounces 8 US Ounces 5.1 US Ounces
3 24 US Ounces 12 US Ounces 7.6 US Ounces
4 32 US Ounces 16 US Ounces 10.2 US Ounces
5 40 US Ounces 20 US Ounces 12.8 US Ounces
6 48 US Ounces 24 US Ounces 15.3 US Ounces
7 56 US Ounces 28 US Ounces 17.9 US Ounces
8 64 US Ounces 32 US Ounces 20.4 US Ounces
9 72 US Ounces 36 US Ounces 23 US Ounces
10 80 US Ounces 40 US Ounces 25.6 US Ounces

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If you have any questions or comments about fuel oil mix please feel free to contact via phone, email or the comments section below.

– Jack Hayes

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