How to Clean a Sprayer

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Cleaning a Sprayer

One of the most important aspects of using a backpack sprayer is cleaning it after use. Many times we tend to get in a hurry and overlook this extremely important part of any spraying job. After each use, and especially before storing the sprayer for any extended period, the sprayer must be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated in order to ensure reliability and long life.

Keep reading to learn how to clean a sprayer.

Chemicals used in today’s sprayers, if left in the sprayer, can cause damage to internal components, even if they are left in overnight. To protect your investment, you should thoroughly clean and rinse your sprayer immediately after finishing your application.

Proper cleaning first involves the removal and proper disposal of any remaining chemical solution from the sprayer. This should be done in an approved decontamination area, and in accordance with all local, state and federal environmental rules and guidelines.

The tank should then be thoroughly rinsed 2 or 3 times to remove all remaining traces of the chemical. The sprayer should then be refilled with clean water and this water pumped through the system, removing all nozzles and in-line filters first.

Thoroughly clean all nozzles and filters, and re-assemble to the sprayer. Finally, all moving parts should be lightly lubricated using a lithium based grease, or suitable lubricating oil. Lubricating oil can be a light coating of general purpose household oil, or any of the popular spray lubricants on the market that are suitable for use on plastic/rubber components.

Be sure too, to lubricate all moving pivot points at the handle and pump lever areas, as well as lubricating the piston assembly inside the tank. Lastly, be sure to lubricate the chamber in the fully extended position. Refer to your owners manual for specific instructions.

By utilizing proper cleaning methods you will protect your investment, thus giving you many years of trouble free service from your sprayer. Additionally, you will be helping to protect our environment for future generations.

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