How to Find Briggs and Stratton Model Number

Briggs and Stratton Push Mower

Our Briggs and Stratton Model Number DIY Guide will teach you how to find your small engine model, type and code tag.



Knowing the model, type and code of your Briggs and Stratton engine will make it easy to order the correct maintenance or repair parts for your small engine.

Briggs and Stratton small engines power Briggs and Stratton branded equipment as well as equipment produced by many other manufacturers.

Typically outdoor power equipment will have both an equipment model number tag and an engine model number tag.

As you guessed, the engine model tag is located on the engine and the equipment model number tag is located on the equipment.

Typically, you need your engine model number to find parts for your engine and you need your equipment model number to find parts for the equipment.

Here are some examples of which model number you’ll need.

Air Filter = Engine Model Number
Blade = Equipment Model Number
Gas Cap = Is the gas tank located on the equipment or the engine?
Oil Filter = Engine Model Number
Wheel = Equipment Model Number

Refer to our How to Find Model Number article for typical equipment model number locations.

Briggs and Stratton Model, Type and Code Example:

Briggs and Stratton Engine model numbers are typically stamped into the metal directly on the engine. The following is an example of what the engine model, type and code looks like:

Briggs and Stratton Model, Type and Code Example

Briggs and Stratton Lawn and Garden Engine Examples:

Below is area examples of typical lawn and garden Briggs and Stratton engine tag locations:Briggs and Stratton Model above Spark Plug Example

Briggs and Stratton Model Above Muffler Example  Briggs and Stratton odel stamped into valve cover example

Briggs and Stratton Utility Engine Examples:

Below are examples of typical Briggs and Stratton utility engine tag locations:


More Briggs and Stratton Model Number, Type and Code Location Examples:

Briggs and Stratton model numbers are stamped into the engine in various locations.  The diagram below shows some of the typical model number tag locations.

How to find Briggs and Stratton Model, Type and Code

Bonus: Download our Guide to Finding your Briggs and Stratton Model Number. 

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