How to Find MTD Model Number

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How to Find Your MTD Model Number

Most MTD model numbers and serial numbers are approximately 11 characters in length. The most common locations for the MTD Model number are under the hood, under the seat or on the rear of the mower. The Model and Serial numbers are normally found on a decal similar to the one pictured below.

The product identification tag is typically placed on an area of the product where it will be (as much as possible) protected from the environment and chemicals. As product designs vary and evolve over time these locations may change.

Most MTD product ID tags are 2″x3″ and typically have the company name, address and customer service telephone number listed across the bottom.

MTD Model Number Location
Example of MTD Product ID Tag

 Locations of ID tag per equipment type:


Riding Lawn Mowers

ID Tag is under the seat.


Walk-Behind Mowers

The ID Tag is on the deck; on the rear door of rear-discharge units.


Two-Stage Snow Throwers

The ID Tag is on the bottom of the main gear housing (often called the belly pan or service access plate).


Single-Stage Snow Throwers

The ID tag is next to the key switch and primer.


Garden Tillers

The ID tag is on the tine hood.


Handheld MTD Products (such as string trimmers and leaf blower)

These have a smaller tag, usually white, and approximately 1″ x 1/2″ in size. Typically positioned on an aluminum portion of the engine, set somewhat into the unit to protect it from wear. This tag will also have a bar code.

Example of MTD handheld product ID tag



Other Products (such as; log splitters, chippers and edgers)

The ID Tag is on the frame or main body housing.

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