How to inspect and replace lawn mower blade on walk behind mower

Lawn Mower Blade

This quick 3 minute video produced by MTD will teach you how to inspect and replace lawn mower blade on a walk behind mower.

Knowing how to inspect your lawn mower  blade could prevent serious injury.


Transcript Provided by YouTube
0:02 this video will show you how to inspect and replace the cutting blade on a walk

0:06 behind mower

0:07 depending on your model number the instructions in this video

0:11 might vary slightly a plate should be replaced if its chips or bent

0:16 or to warn to be sharpened make sure the replacement blade

0:20 meets all 00 a.m. specifications also

0:23 make sure you have the proper tools for this procedure because you’ll need to

0:28 turn the more on its side to change the blade

0:31 there’s the potential for spilled oil and fuel

0:34 to avoid this run the more intelligent out of gas

0:37 or drain the fuel tank using the Arnold siphon pump

0:41 to avoid burns use caution when working around a hot engine

0:45 if time allows let the engine cool down before you change the blade

0:51 first remove the spark plug wire to make sure the mower won’t

0:54 accidentally start tip them over on its side with the engine air filter facing

1:00 up

1:00 this will keep engine oil from getting into the carburetor in air filter

1:04 inspect the blade for wear or damage

1:08 you should check your cutting blade at least twice a season to make sure it

1:12 sharp

1:12 a dull blade will care rather than cut the grass

1:16 and can turn grass tips brown also

1:19 be sure to check the blade for damage anytime you strike an object

1:24 if you hit something and you’re more vibrates excessively afterward

1:28 have a servicing dealer check it for bed crankshaft or other damage

1:33 to begin use the Arnold blade removal tool

1:37 to hold the blade in place using the proper size socket

1:41 loosen the bolts securing the cutting blade to the engine drive shaft

1:46 some units may have two additional bolt securing the blade adapter to the blade

1:51 loosening them before you remove the blade from the unit

1:54 will make your job easier before the blade is removed

1:58 take note of its orientation you wanna make sure the replacement blade is

2:03 oriented the same way

2:04 with the fins pointed up remove the blade from the mower

2:08 and keep the blade adapter parts for the installation

2:11 the new blade if you simply need to sharpen your blade

2:15 instead of replacing it you can use the Arnold blade sharpener and balancer

2:20 assemble the new blade and blade adapter on the engine crankshaft

2:25 tighten the blade bolt to the proper torque setting as indicated

2:29 in your operators manual

2:34 take off the blade removal tool and return them over to the upright position

2:38 reconnect the spark plug wire and you’re good to go


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