How to Install Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers

Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers

Dress up your lawn tractor with customizable wheelies tractor wheel covers.  They are available in 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″.  Durable chrome finish that will never rust.  Matches your tire size effortlessly.  Snap fit to rim is easy and secure.


Installing Lawn Tractor WheeliesThe wheel cover comes with black color plate installed. To install a color insert over the black, follow these simple instructions.




Step 1:
Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 1To remove back-plate C from wheel cover A ,  push tab near valve stem hole on back-plate upward and at the same time, rotate back-plate counter clockwise until the arrow on back-plate lines up with arrow on wheel cover.



Step 2:
Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 2Choose the color insert B of your choice. Snap color insert tightly into back plate C. Make sure valve stem holes are lined up.



Step 3:
Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 3Line up the arrow on the assembled back-plate C with the arrow on the wheel cover A. Make sure the color insert is facing the wheel cover.



Step 4:
Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 4Turn back-plate assembly C clockwise until the push tab snaps tightly onto the wheel cover A.




Step 5:
Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 5Line-up the hole in the Wheelies wheel cover with the air valve stem on the wheel and push tightly onto the tractor wheel.




Installing Lawn Tractor Wheelies Step 6The Wheelies are designed to hold tight to your rims. You may have some slight marring to the rims. Please use care while handling the Wheelies, as the connecting clips are sharp. To remove Wheelies from wheel, pry carefully with screwdriver against the tire rim. Work your way around the rim until the hubcap is loose.



Want to look like a bad ass while you mow your lawn or just drive your mower around the neighborhood?

Shop Wheelies Tractor Wheel Covers

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