How to Replace a Push Mower Lawn Mower Blade

Snapper Push Mower Blade and Deck

With the right tools it’s easy to replace a push mower lawn mower blade and your lawn will be a lot happier not getting beaten to death by that old crappy blade.

If the tips of your grass turn brown after you mow it’s time to replace or sharpen your lawn mower blade.

Total time should take about 15-20 minutes.

Step 1:

Mug-of-BeerPut down your beer.  I know, I know.  It’s hot outside and the beers is nice and cold but alcohol and outdoor power equipment just don’t mix.  Just ask Uncle “3-Finger” Bob.




Step 2:

IMG_0094Unplug the spark plug wire.

Unplugging the spark plug wire prevents the mower from accidentally starting if you aren’t holding the blade well and accidentally turn the crankshaft.  Refer to above mentioned Uncle “3-Finger” Bob.



Step 3:

IMG_0095Lay the mower on it’s side with the carburetor up.

If you lay the mower on the wrong side you’ll know pretty quickly because fuel will begin to run all over your garage floor.  If this happens and you are smoking immediately extinguish whatever it is your smoking.



Step 4:

IMG_0100While holding the blade remove the blade bolt with a breaker bar and socket.  The easiest way to hold the blade is using a Blade Locker Lawn Mower Blade holder.  They aren’t very expensive and can sure save your hands.

If your one of those fancy pants home owners with an air compressor you can use an impact driver and impact socket.


Step 5:

IMG_0098Install the new blade with the fins at the back of the blade upwards.  Using your breaker bar and socket tighten the blade bolt.




Step 6:

Return the mower to it’s upright seated position with all 4 wheels firmly on the ground.

Step 7:

Reconnect the spark plug.

Step 8:

Mug-of-BeerHave a cold one to celebrate a j0b well done.





Drinking and using power equipment can be very dangerous.  We make fun of Uncle “3-Finger” Bob but improper use and repair of outdoor power equipment can result in serious injury or even death.

If you have any questions or comments about how to replace a push mower lawn mower blade please feel free to contact us via phone, email or the comments section below.

– Jack

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