How to Replace a Snowblower Skid Shoe

Snowblower Shoe

Replacing a Snowblower Skid Shoe

Step 1:

Before beginning any DIY repairs, it’s important to remember to use the appropriate safety gear (safety glasses, gloves, etc).

Work space should be well lit, free of clutter and easy to reach.

Finally, please remember that some repairs should be made by a qualified technician.

When in doubt: Save a little money and have the professionals do it for you.

Snowblower Skid Shoe

Step 2:

The first thing we’ll want to do is to disconnect the spark plug wire. This ensures that the engine will not accidentally engage while working on or near it.

Remove the booted wire from the spark plug and place it where it won’t accidentally reconnect.

Please do not attempt to repair your unit with the spark plug connected!

Disconnect Spark Plug

Step 3:

Next, we’ll remove the existing skid shoe by loosening and removing the mounting bolts.

This will normally require a 1/2” wrench or socket and is a pretty simple procedure.

Once the bolts are removed, the skid shoe should come off easily.

Re-installing the new skid shoe is as easy as sliding it onto the mounting bolts and hand tightening the nuts back on.
Removing Skid Shoe Bolts

Step 4:

Many times, some sort of ice melt product may be used on the very same location, and ice melt can be very corrosive.

Before reinstalling the bolts, It doesn’t hurt to inspect them for rust or damage.

Keep in mind that A little rust remover and an abrasive pad should take care of that

Now, before we tighten those bolts up, let’s go ahead and set the appropriate height of the skid shoe.

Snowblower Skid Shoe Bolt

Step 5:

Essentially, the skid shoe should be set at ¼” from the ground.

One of the easiest methods is to lay a piece of standard 1/4” thick, corrugated cardboard under the scraper blade.

With the loosened skid shoe lying flush on the ground, tighten the bolts and you’re almost done.
Snowblower Skid Shoe Plate

Step 6:

Simply reconnect the spark plug wire and start the equipment. Adjust height as necessary and you’re ready to throw some snow!

Remember, proper height adjustment will help to extend the life of your snow thrower paddles as well as help to keep your surface area clear of snow.

For more information regarding maintenance of your snow thrower, always refer to the manufacturer provided owners / service manual.

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– Bill Brown

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