How to Replace Chainsaw Bar and Chain

DIY for Chainsaws

Replacing a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

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• Power equipment will always need regular maintenance especially when moving parts are involved. One of the most basic things you can do for your chainsaw is to maintain and replace the bar and chain.

• To begin this process, much of the information regarding these regular maintenance procedures can be found in the user manual.

• So let’s get started!

Step 1:
Locate the on off switch of the saw. Move the switch into the off position; this is to ensure there is no accidental startup while performing these procedures.
Chainsaw On/Off Switch

Step 2:
Next locate and disengage the chain brake. If the brake is on, doing anything with the bar and chain will become rather difficult and can result in operator injury or saw damage.
Chainsaw Brake

Step 3:
Locate and loosen/remove the bar nuts. These are located on the drive cover.
Chainsaw Bar Nut

Step 4:
Next, locate and loosen the chain tensioner. These “tensioners” come in various styles and may be located in/on the cover or on the bar itself or even both. If it seems questionable this information is supplied by your user manual and may also be obtained by a local dealer/distributor. Now that everything is loose, remove the bar cover.
Chainsaw Bar Nut

Step 5:
Next, move the bar back towards the handle until it contacts the sprocket. No need to force the bar it should move freely. Carefully remove the chain from the bar and off the sprocket. If you happen to have a new bar or chain, simply replace your desired combination and re-assemble the saw in the reverse order of disassembly. Leaving the bar nuts finger tight.

Almost done! After re-assembly it is crucial to tighten the chain utilizing the chain tensioner system. If it is a screw style turn the screw clockwise until the chain is making contact with the bar all the way around. Next tilt the saw so that the unit’s weight is on the bar. Tighten the tensioner then the bar nuts. Finally, while wearing safety gloves, ensure that the chain can be pulled up showing 1-2 drive links and snaps back into place upon release.

All finished! Be sure your saw operates correctly and that the chain isn’t too tight. You are now ready to start or continue the task at hand.

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– Jack Hayes

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