How to Tune-Up a Lawn Mower

Kohler Tune-Up Kit

How to Perform a Tune-Up on a Lawn Mower

Spending an hour a year tuning up your lawn mower can save you time and money throughout the mowing season.

Performing a tune-up on your lawn mower is 7 easy steps.

Tools Required:

  • Putty knife
  • Blade grinder
  • Blade balancer
  • Spark plug wrench or ratchet and socket.
  • Spark plug gap gauge.
  • Oil filter wrench.

Step 1:

Dirty Lawn Mower Deck
Dirty Lawn Mower Deck

Clean under the deck with a putty knife.






Step 2:

Sharpeing a Lawn Mower Blade
Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade

Sharpen and balance or replace the blade.

Oregon aftermarket makes our most popular blade balancer.






Step 3:

Installing a Lawn Mower Spark PlugInstall a new, properly gapped, spark plug.

Changing your spark plug is one of the easiest ways to promote an easy starting lawn mower. We carry a large selection of spark plug wrenches and spark plug gap gauges.




Step 4:

Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter
Briggs and Stratton Oil Filter
Oil Filter Wrench
Oil Filter Wrench

Change the oil.  If your engine is equipped with an oil filter it should be replaced as well.

If it’s difficult to remove your oil filter try one our Oil Filter Wrenches.



Step 5:

Removing Lawn Mower Air Filters
Removing Lawn Mower Air Filters

Clean or replace the air filter.

Foam pre-filters are a great way to prolong the life of your air filter.






Step 6:

Inline Fuel Filter
Inline Fuel Filter

Drain the fuel tank and properly dispose of old fuel.  If your equipment is equipped with a fuel filter it should be replaced as well.



Step 7:

Filling Lawn Mower With Fuel
Filling Lawn Mower with Fuel

Fill lawn mower with gasoline that has a Fuel Stabilizer added.

Gasoline goes stale in about 30 days which makes starting your engine more difficult if not impossible.

We recommend using only premium grade fuel in all your outdoor power equipment.  Lower octane fuel contains more ethanol which attracts moisture and causes carburetor failure.



For additional information refer to your equipment owners manual.

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– Jack

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