How to Use Echo Chainsaw Safety Gear

Echo CS-271T Chainsaw

Jason Emmons of the Echo National Carving Team stars in this 2 minute video produced by Echo USA to teach you the proper way to use Echo Chainsaw Safety Gear.

Using chainsaw safety gear properly will keep all your toes and fingers right where they belong.

Products Featured in this Video:

  1. Echo Chainsaw Chaps
  2. Echo Chainsaw Gloves
  3. Echo Loggers Helmet
  4. Echo Hearing Protection

Transcript Provided by YouTube

0:01 mean

0:10 the chainsaw is a valuable tool to have around the house

0:13 but can be very dangerous if not used properly it’s important to wear proper

0:18 safety equipment while operating

0:20 and to read and fully understand the Sol’s operator and safety manuals before

0:24 using

0:29 sturdy hard to work boots protect your feet from debris

0:33 and other elements within working environment and provide good footing

0:37 like japs contain pads have cut retardant material designed to assist

0:41 the where

0:42 in reducing the severity of injury from

0:45 running gasoline powered chainsaw with accidentally contacts to solve operators

0:51 leg

0:51 the greater protection varies with the speed and the chain

0:55 the time an angle of contact the power and torque at the saw

0:59 and a designer the sprocket chaps come in varying links

1:03 be sure to select a pair that provides protection at least to your boot tops

1:08 always keep in mind safe operating practices

1:12 safety gloves protect your hands from flying debris

1:16 and chips as well as reduce some of the effects a vibration

1:20 some gloves hat pads in the palms provide more comfortable operation

1:24 a safety helmet

1:27 with built-in face in-ear protection provide safety from flying debris

1:32 and reduces the chainsaw sound level to your ears

1:37 size wearing safety gear remember to read the operator and safety manuals

1:42 that come with your chainsaw

1:43 so when you use your cell you’re using it in a safe

1:47 appropriate manner to reduce the risk Avengers echo also offers free safety

1:52 videos

1:53 call 1-316-522-2006 to order one

If you have any questions or comments about Echo chainsaw safety gear please feel free to contact us via phone, email or the comments section below.

– Jack Hayes

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