Husqvarna String Trimmer Assembly

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This 2 minute video produced by Husqvarna will teach you how to assembly a Husqvarna String Trimmer. If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us using the comments section below or our contact form.

Transcript provided by YouTube
0:03 to begin assembly if you’re new trimmer position the handle on the upper shaft

0:08 handle must be mounted between the two arrows on the shaft

0:12 fit the screw securing played and we not together is shown

0:17 tighten the wing night

0:22 to begin assembly at the 2p shaft

0:25 start by loosening the coupling by turning the knob

0:28 and removing the cardboard tube position the locking release button up the

0:32 attachment into the guide recess at the coupling

0:35 push the attachment into the coupling until the locking release button snaps

0:40 into the primary locking hole

0:41 before using the unit tighten the knob securely

0:47 for the trimmer card for use with the trimmer head

0:51 took the trimmer guard onto the fitting on the shaft

0:53 and secure it with the bolt

1:01 screw on the trimmer head notice you’ll turn it counterclockwise to install

1:06 this will seem backwards straight shaft

1:09 tremors have left handed threads on the trimmer head this means you will turn in

1:13 the opposite direction to tighten and loosen

1:16 than you would if you had right hand threads insert the wrench into the hole

1:20 in the gear housing

1:21 rotate the head until you feel the ranch drop into place

1:25 locking the shaft continue turning the head

1:29 until fully tightened remove the ranch



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