How to Install Speed Feed Trimmer Head


How to Install Shindaiwa Speed-Feed Trimmer Head:

  1. Using your thumbs, push in to release each of the locking tabs remove the bottom cover.
  2. Remove spool black core and gold bushing from the top cover.
  3. Flip the spool over and place white core with black bushing into the top cover.
  4. Then install the spool with the “R” facing out.
  5. Line up locking tabs on the bottom cover with the top cover and squeeze both halves together to lock into place.
  6. Reinstall the top knob.
  7. Install head by holding upper fixing plate and rotate until Speed-Feed trimmer head is tight.

Following is quick one minute video produced by Shindaiwa that will teach you how to install a Speed Feed Trimmer head on your lawn trimmer. The Shindaiwa Speed-Feed trimmer head is available for Shindaiwa Trimmers and the Oregon Speed-Feed Trimmer Head is a universal trimmer head that fits many trimmer applications.

Products featured in the video:

  1. Speed Feed Trimmer Heads

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-Jack Hayes

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Shindaiwa Speed-Feed Trimmer Head Installation
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Shindaiwa Speed-Feed Trimmer Head Installation
Learn how simple it is to install a Shindaiwa Speed-Feed Trimmer Head on your lawn trimmer.
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