Lawn Mower Ignition Switch by Terminal

Lawn Mower Ignition Switch Chart

Matching your existing ignition switch to an Oregon replacement part is easy.
• Remove your existing ignition switch and make sure that any dirt or debris has been removed from the back of the switch.
• Note the placement and identifying mark for each terminal (that’s the metal tab attached to the back of the switch).
• Now, compare the terminal placement and markings to the ignition switch chart below. It’s that easy. However, if you can’t find the right switch, give our customer service representatives a call. We’re happy to assist in any way!

If you do not see the Ignition Switch you need,  please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

Ignition Switch Terminal Chart

Oregon 33-375
Oregon 33-389
Oregon 33-397
Oregon 33-376
Oregon 33-152
Oregon 33-106
Oregon 33-105
Oregon 33-395
Oregon 33-377
Oregon 33-388
Oregon 33-393
Oregon 33-074
Oregon 33-398
Oregon 33-394
Oregon 33-392
Oregon 33-024
Oregon 33-391
Oregon 33-399
Oregon 33-396
Oregon 33-383
Oregon 33-387
Oregon 33-379
Oregon 33-389
Oregon 33-385

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– Bill Brown

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