Snowblower Safety

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Snowblower Safety

Ready to throw some snow!

  • As with any other type of power equipment, certain steps must be taken in order to use a snow blower safely.
  • Please note that the rate snow blowers throw snow, it’s not the fluffy stuff anymore, and is in fact more like cold shrapnel.
  • When using a snow blower, always wear protective clothing, eye and hearing protection.
  • Snow blowers don’t just throw snow! Anything caught in the path of a snow blower is subject to the same manipulation as the snow itself.
  • Always make sure that kids and animals are not present during the use of the equipment.
  • Make sure that the ejection chute is pointed away from windows, cars, people and yourself.
  • If the snow thrower encounters a clogging issue, never reach into any end of the equipment while it is running, plugged in or in the on position.
  • Always wear and use the proper safety gear including safety glasses.

– Bill Brown

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