Spring Push Mower Maintenance

Briggs and Stratton Push Mower

It’s time for spring push mower maintenance up here in the northern hemisphere because spring is right around the corner.

Now is the time to pull the old push mower out of the shed or garage and get it ready for another mowing season.

This 6 minute video from MTD Lawn Products will give all the details you need to know to prepare your push mower for spring. Even though it’s made by MTD it really applies to all push mowers.

Products featured in this video:

  1. Fuel Cans
  2. Fuel Pump
  3. Fuel Stabilizer
  4. Spark Plugs
  5. Spark Plug Socket Wrench
  6. Small Engine Oil
  7. Small Engine Air Filters
  8. Work Gloves
  9. Oil Drain Pans
  10. Lawn Mower Blades
  11. MTD Blade Block Blade Removal Tool
  12. Blade Balancing Tools
  13. Flat Hand File

Transcript Provided by YouTube:

0:06 Hi I’m Jim Bender from MTD and I’m here to show you a few simple steps

0:10 go get your more ready for spring and in great running condition all season long

0:14 first always use fresh fuel that’s at least 87 octane

0:19 and no more than 10 percent ethanol if you look at your mower during the winter

0:24it could lead to starting problems in the spring

0:30 all gas can turn into a virus like substance over time this can call got

0:34 the carburetor

0:35 and lead to costly repairs and problems that stem from using bad fuel are not

0:39 covered by any manufacturer warranty

0:41 it’s best to store your mower without any fuel in it for the winter

0:45 to do this simply running towards Mt or use a fuel pump

0:50 fuel pumps are inexpensive and you can buy one at your local home improvement

0:53 center

0:54 to use this tool place one end in your Morris gas tank

0:57 and the other intern at a gas can then simply operate upon could transfer the

1:01 guest

1:02 up you can usually disposable

1:05 fueled by taking it to a local mechanic or using in your car

1:08 smaller amounts old feel won’t damage your car engine

1:12 like an outdoor power equipment you can also preserve your fuel by using a fuel

1:16 stabilizer

1:17 fuel stabilizers keep gas in a more stable form

1:20 so it takes longer to become stale adding some when your fill your gas

1:24 container

1:25 also prevent fuel related problems that occur during regular use

1:29 keep in mind if your gas is already stale

1:32 fuel stabilizer will not make it usable next step is a check the spark plug most

1:38 engine manufacturers recommend changing the spark plug

1:41 about every 100 hours or 12 season having a new spark plug

1:46  ensures a charm our it working as efficiently as possible

1:49at peak power and with few remissions to clean or replace the spark plug first

1:56 remove the spark plug wire

1:57 then use a spark plug socket wrench John screw the plug

2:06 heavy buildup

2:07 Iran may indicate dirty or clogged air filter white

2:11 any loose carbon of the tip with iraq is a tip grounded from use

2:14 if so replace it you can find replacement spark plugs at your local

2:20 home improvement center

2:21 look for the part number in your operator’s manual or just take your time

2:24 with you

2:25 to replace the spark plug simply screwed into place

2:29 and put the wire back on a good rule of thumb is to tighten up log as much as

2:33 you can by hand

2:34 and then played another quarter turn with the ranch

2:39 next let’s change the oil in air filter

2:42 these items can impact the performance to you more and need to be changed

2:45 regularly

2:46 just like in your car before changing the oil

2:50 make sure there’s very little gas in the fuel tank at a good idea to run the more

2:54 for a few minutes to warm the oil up

2:56 after shutting down a more first put on gloves to protect your hands from hot

3:01 surfaces

3:02 then remove the spark plug wire to prevent accidental start

3:07 next sent out a container to catch the oil then remove the oil fill cap

3:13 and tell them or up at a steep angle with the air filter on the upper side

3:17 then slowly took them over until it is almost

3:20 upside down or the container brace the more in place

3:25 and let it drain for about five minutes

3:29 then foot the more back onto its wheels at the correct amount of oil to the

3:33 engine as specified in the engine manual

3:35 don’t overfill make sure you check the oil level with the dipstick

3:45 check with your local community

3:46 these recycling program as most take used motor oil

3:52 next let’s change the air filter to do that start by removing the air filter

3:56 cover

3:57 inspect the air filter most air filters are made of paper and should be replaced

4:03 near dirty you can buy a new one at your local home improvement center

4:07 make sure to take the part number or old filter with you

4:11 when you go to buy a new one to install the new air filter

4:14 place a back into the housing and reattach the cover

4:27 the last step for a great spring star is checking the cutting blade

4:30 having a sharp blade allow your mower to cut evenly

4:34 for a better look and healthy aggressed again

4:38 make sure the spark plug wires removed to prevent an accidental start

4:42 turning our on its side with the air filter side up

4:46 embrace it in place then check the condition of the plea

4:50 if it’s dull you can sharpen or replace it if you choose to sharpen the blade

4:55 yourself

4:55 use a block avoid or blade removal tool to brace the blade

4:59 use a wrench to remove the bowl holding the plate in place

5:12 to sharpen the blade yourself clamp it

5:15 new vice and on a file across the contour of the blade

5:18 use a blade balancing tool to make sure it is properly balanced

5:26 if

5:27 for sharpening our balance in a bleed on your own take it your local service

5:31 center and have them do it for you

5:32 if your blade is misshapen rest too many dents in it

5:36 you should buy a new one your local home improvement center can help you find

5:40 a new Glee when replacing the blade make sure you look for the part number or

5:45 word

5:45 bottom imprinted on it that side should be facing down when cutting

5:49 to replace the blade simply put it back in place

5:52 aligning it with the plate adapter and securing the blade with the ball

5:56 be sure to tighten the bolt to the proper torque setting as listed in the

5:59 operator’s manual

6:00 now your mower is ready to tackle another cutting season

6:04 with better starting and performance taking the steps every year

6:09 will keep your mower in great cutting condition for years to come

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via phone, email or the comments section below.


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