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MTD produced this greatĀ 4 minute video on the Using theĀ Tire Science Sealant.

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0:18 a whole all in the side wall oven
0:20 your cannot be repaired using this product
0:24 the tire science feel it will not seal sidewall punctures or leaks around the
0:28 tire be
0:30 it should also not be used with faulty valves or damage rims
0:35 this video will show you the easy way to repair punctures to your tire
0:39 using the tire science sealant
0:41 the seal it will repair puncture up to an eighth of an inch
0:44 and remember always be sure to wear protective I wear when using this
0:48 product
0:51 do not attempt to use this product on a tire that has crack sidewalls
0:55 were severely worn
0:58 inspect the tire to locate the leak if the tire still has some air pressure in
1:02 it
1:03 spraying soapy water and the tire will help you find the location of the
1:06 puncture
1:11 remove
1:12 punctured the tire
1:15 be sure to mark the spot
1:21 cut the zip tie and K
1:22 fully turn the spring-loaded pumps bout on the top of the bottle
1:26 counterclockwise to release it
1:37 remove the valve stem cap
1:39 from the tire
1:42 locate the black plastic valve course them removal tool
1:46 that’s taped to the side of the clear plastic tube
1:56 use the valve core
1:58 all to remove the valve core as set it aside to reinstall later
2:08 instructions for using the sealant pump are printed on the container
2:11 the size of the tire will determine how much sealant you will use
2:15 multiplying the height of the tire by the with that the tire
2:19 then dividing that number by 7.5 will give you the number
2:23 else is to put the tire for better protection
2:26 on extremely old or worn tyres use up to 20 percent more sealant
2:32 place the end of the clear plastic to over the top of the valve stem
2:38 pump the correct amount of sealing into the tire depressing the pot completely
2:43 dispenses one
2:44 Council sealer into the tire for example
2:47 if the tire need six else’s UVC Lynn the press the Pops six times
2:51 remove the clear to from the valve stem
2:59 reinstall the veil
3:00 or into the
3:01 stem
3:06 and tight-knit with the
3:07 mobile tool turning it clockwise
3:13 inflate the tire
3:15 recommended pressure
3:21 place the cap back on the valve stem
3:27 spin the tire or roll it back and forth on a table to distribute Sheila evenly
3:31 around the inside of the tire
3:33 it is recommended that you mount the tire back
3:36 onto your unit and spin the tire on the actual for Best ceiling distribution
3:41 warning this seal it should not be used in tires that move at speeds higher than
3:46 45 miles per hour
3:47 75 kilometers per hour seal it may cause excessive vibration and tires at high
3:53 speeds

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