When to Fertilize Your Lawn

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When to fertilize your lawn.

A common question we often here is “When should I fertilize my lawn?”.

Just like any other living breathing thing your lawn requires sun, air, water and (yep, you guessed it)… FOOD.

And that food, referred to as “fertilizer” provides nitrogen and other essential nutrients. These nutrients are depleted from your soil through your grass’s natural growth processes. This is especially true during the prime growing seasons.

If you want to maintain a healthy, attractive weed free lawn it is important to know when to fertilize your lawn.

Proper use of lawn fertilizers can be an involved process. Read our article on how to fertilize a lawn for more details.

Equipment Needed:

You will need a broadcast spreader to apply fertilizer. You can buy one online from LawnMowerPros.com. Shop Broadcast Spreaders.

Broadcast Spreader



Your lawn has been sleeping all winter long like a bear hibernating. And like a bear when it wakes up from hibernation your lawn is hungry.


February to April. When your grass greens up and begins to grow. About the the same time your lawn needs it’s first mowing of the year.

Weed Control:

Early spring is the time to apply a pre emergent to prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds.

If last year you had grassy weed issues apply a fertilizer designed more for weed prevention than ferilization. You can make up for the lack of food in the late spring.



Your lawn has been busy growing and that growth uses up it’s stored energy. You need to replenish that energy so your lawn will continue grow green and strong.


April to June. About 6 to 8 weeks after the early spring feeding.

Weed Control:

In the North, apply a fertilizer designed for broadleaf weeds like clover, violets and creeping Charlie.

In the South, fertilize like normal.



Summer is hard on grass due to heat, foot traffic and insects.

Fertilizing will help protect and strengthen it so it can continue to grow up big and strong.


June to August. Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the late spring feeding.

In the North, this is the time to apply a fertilizer with insect control.

In the South, fertilize like normal and water less.



Your lawn needs nutrients to recover from summer damage. This is also the time to your lawn is getting ready for it’s winter hibernation.

Like our bear analogy, your lawn needs to store up energy.

Fertilizing now will strengthen the root system and increase nitrogen so next spring you will have a healthy green lawn.


August to November. Right before winter hits. Approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the summer feeding.

In the North, this is the time to get your lawn ready for snow. Fertilize twice in the fall. Once on Labor Day and then approximately 6 to 8 weeks later.

In the South, it is time to apply a fertilizer with weed control if you have Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede or Zoysia grass.


Fertilize on Easter Weekend, the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day.



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When to fertilize your lawn
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When to fertilize your lawn
Knowing when to fertilize will insure have a healthy green weed free lawn that will make your neighbors jealous.
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