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EFCO 52039002A CART for Cut-Off Saw

Includes 5-Gallon Water Tank

Saw Not Included

Price: $481.99

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Do you find that your chainsaw hardly manages cutting hardwood and metals? Then a cut-off saw may come in very handy. Also known as an abrasive saw or metal chop saw, this is actually a specific power tool that perfectly and easily cuts any hard materials, including metals, with the help of an abrasive disc. The cutting action is somehow similar to the one performed by a thin grinding wheel.

Frankly speaking, a cut-off saw is not a saw at all from the technical point of view, since it doesn't use standard saw teeth (shaped edges) for cutting objects. In fact, such a saw presents a machine with the engine and cutting wheel mounted on a pivoting arm that is firmly attached to a fixed base plate. Typically, these tools come with a built-in vise or any other similar clamping arrangement.

The main advantage and difference of cut-off saws lie in their specific composite fiction disk blades designed to cut abrasively through the steel. Standard saws use disks of 14 in diameter and 7/64 in thickness, but larger models can come with 16 in-diameter disk blades. Typically, there are disks for both steel and stainless steel. They handle perfectly various tough cutting tasks, like those required during demolition operations and on construction sites.

With their very first appearance, cut-off saws made a real breakthrough in the industry and became indispensable tools for both professional users and homeowners alike by making many building, construction and housekeeping tasks dramatically easier. They turned to be an excellent and cost-efficient alternative to hazardous and rather expensive acetylene torches. If previously lightweight steel fabrication and many other tough tasks could be performed in the workshops only by stationary cold saws or power band saws, nowadays cut-off saws allow to enjoy the convenience and ease of managing such processes just on-site.

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