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Go Kart Axle Bearings and Components

We carry a large selection of Go-Kart Bearings. If you do not see the go kart parts, mini bike parts or mini chopper Bearing you need,  please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.
Types of Go Kart Bearings
Tapered Roller Bearings

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Azusa AZ8127 Bearing Hanger, 1 Inch Axle Weldment

Bearing Hanger, 1" Axle Weldment
- Bearing hanger, 1" axle weldment.
- 3-1/2" sq. x 1/4" thick.
- 5/16" hole pattern for two and three hole bearing flangettes.

1/4" steel plate bearing hanger for 1" standard axles with our 2 or 3 hole Flangettes

Price: $5.99

Price: $3.99

Price: $4.99

Azusa AZ8211 Bearing

1"ID Bearings with Hub (2 Required)

for 1" Axles Ground or Honed Surfaces Hardened Chrome Steel Integral Locking Collar with set screws Can Be used with our 3 Bolt Flangettes or 2 Bolt Flangettes

Price: $10.99

Azusa AZ8212 2 Bolt Flangettes

2-hole Flangettes (4 Required)

  • AZUSA 8212
  • Toro 107714
  • and others

Price: $2.99

Azusa AZ8213 3 Bolt Flangettes

These 3 Bolt Flangettes are use with our 1" Axle Bearing

Price: $2.99

Azusa AZ8219 Precision Sealed Ball Bearing 3/4"ID, 1-5/8"OD

  • AZUSA 8219
  • and others

Price: $2.95

Azusa AZ8229 Sealed Roller (Cone) - 3/4"ID

  • AZUSA 8229
  • and others

Price: $8.95

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