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Jacto 1168423 Spray Tube

  • Jacto JACTO-568873
  • Shindaiwa 336263
  • Shindaiwa 568873
  • and others

Jacto 908889 Trigger Valve

  • SHINDAIWA 635847
  • and others

Jacto JACTO-568873 Plastic Wand Tube - Spray Tube

Previously replaced by Shindaiwa 568873 which is No Longer Available
Previously replaced by 1168423 which is no longer available.

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If you have a small or big garden, you will hardly maintain it properly without a proper sprayer at hand. Actually, garden sprayers were designed to let you do your job much easier - it's extremely easy to water and apply fertilizers to your plants while using them. One of the most popular garden sprayers for home and commercial use is a backpack sprayer that looks like a knapsack and allows you to carry liquid on the container that is attached to it.

Are you willing to add such a sprayer to your set of garden equipment? Welcome to LawnMowerPros! We take special pride in providing genuine Jacto sprayers and related accessories to our clients that can be delivered right to their doors.

In fact, Jacto sprayers have been manufactured since 1948 when Shunji Nishimura founded his own company and named it as well as all his products 'Jacto' from the Portuguese word for jet. Today this name means speed, strength and power. Today Jacto sprayers and all Jacto products are still impeccable as many years before, providing professional landscapers and amateur homeowners with handy and reliable tools.

Jacto products are sold in over 80 countries throughout the world and consistently rank #1 in the sprayer industry. The company manufactures over 100 different models of sprayers, from backpack manual to state-of-the-art self-propelled. Here, at you will find an extensive selection of Jacto sprayers, including backpack models featuring the highest level of performance and top-notch reliability.

Thus, our online database includes a complete line of premium Jacto sprayers, mainly with three-gallon and four-gallon capacity and other related parts and accessories, including repair kits, trigger valves, washers and cotter pins, etc. All models have many common features but each comes with its own important advantages.

If you're a lucky owner of a Jacto sprayer, you should pay specific attention to its maintenance in order to ensure a long operating life. One of the most important aspects while using a sprayer is cleaning it after use. You should thoroughly clean and rinse your sprayer immediately after each use and especially before storing your sprayer for any extended period.

When it comes to choosing the best manual garden sprayer or backpack sprayer, consider premium Jacto tools available online at