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Scag Gas Dampers

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STENS 241-095 GAS DAMPER for Scag

- Extended Length: 12 3/4"
- Closed Length: 10 1/2"
- OD: 7/8"
- Made by an OEM supplier

  • SCAG 461090
  • SCAG 481718
  • and others
  • SCAG SMST-61, SMST-61A, SMST-72, SMST-72A, SMTC-40, SMTC-48A, SMTC-52A, STC40-17KA, STC48-19KA, STC48-20CV, STC48-21KA, STC48A-19KA, STC48A-20CV, STC48A-21KA, STC52A-21KA, STC52A-23KA, STC52A-23LV, STT-31BSD, STT-31BSG, STT52-22CH, STT52-22KA, STT52-23CH, STT52-25CH, STT52A-22KA, STT52A-23CH, STT52A-23KA, STT52A-25CH, STT52B-22CH, STT52B-22KA, STT52B-25CH, STT61-22CH, STT61-22KA, STT61-23CH, STT61-25CH, STT61A-22KA, STT61A-23CH, STT61A-23KA, STT61A-25CH, STT61A-27KA, STT61B-22CH, STT61B-22KA, STT61B-25CH and STT72A-27KA
  • and others

Price: $89.95

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