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Snow Blower Lubricants

We carry a large selection of Snow Blower Lubricants. If you do not see the Snow Blower Lubricant you need,  please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

Popular Snow Blower Lubricants Chemicals Oils


Low Temp Small Engine Oil
This 32 oz. bottle of SAE 5W-30 oil has been specially formulated and approved for winter use in all air-cooled 4-cycle engines


  • Murray 100030C
  • Snapper 100030C
  • and others

Price: $18.99

STENS 751-763 Stens Bio Grease 14 Oz Tubes for Snow Blower

Size: 14 fl. oz. cartridge
10 cartridges per case
Designed for high performance in applications where incidental environmental exposure is a concern
Excellent oxidation stability, corrosion protection and anti-wear protection.
High dropping point, water resistant and has structural stability over a wide range of temperatures
Multi-purpose biodegradable grease
Order as 1 to receive 10
Priced per case, sold per case
Will not harm turf, other plants or animals

Price: $134.95

STENS 752-287 Mo-deck Spray - 11 OZ AEROSOL CAN for Snow Blower

- Keeps dirt and grass from sticking to mower decksand snow from sticking to snowthrowers, shovels, plows and other snow equipment
- Easy to apply, just shake and spray
- Polymer spray builds up over time, the more you use it the better it gets
- You will work less and your equipment will run moreefficiently
- 11 fl. oz. aerosol can

Price: $21.95

STENS 770-176 Sta-Bil Marine Formula Fuel Stabilizer 8 oz. bottle for Snow Blower

8 Oz. Bottle
1 oz. treats 10 gallons of fuel
8 fl. oz. bottle treats 80 gallons of fuel
Double the corrosion prevention and 4 times the fuel system cleaner as regular Sta-Bil
Extra corrosion protection and fuel system cleaning
Made by Gold Eagle
Recommended for ethanol blends
Recommended to be used at every fill up, not just for seasonal storage
Safe to use in all lawnmowers, tractors, trimmer and all outdoor power equipment
Use in all 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline and marine engines, gasoline/oil mixture and ethanol blends

Price: $23.99

STENS 770-803 Star Tron Sef Gasoline Additive 8 oz. bottle for Snow Blower

Size: 8 fl. oz. bottle
1 oz. treats 6 gallons of gas
Cannot be overdosed
Cures and eliminates ethanol fuel problems
Eliminates carbon build-up in fuel delivery system and on exhaust components
Increases fuel economy
Lowers fuel system maintenance
Makes engines start easily, run more smoothly
Reduces all emissions
Rejuvenates old fuel
Small engine formula
Stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years
Available in our 770-815 Star Tron Counter Display Mixed
Available in our 770-811 Star Tron Mini Counter Display
Available in our 770-823 Star Tron Floor Display Gas
Available in our 770-819 Star Tron Floor Display Mixed

  • AYP 33500
  • Craftsman 33500
  • STAR TRON 14308
  • and others

Price: $8.95

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