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Lawn Mower Blade Balancers

We carry a large selection of Lawn Mower Blade Balancers.
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- Specifically designed to fit 99% of all center holes
- Made of derlin plastic

Price: $2.99


- Extra long life-made of finest precision steel
- Special sealed bearing made for precision balancing
- Super strong magnets to hold blade

- Just slip the blade (with any size hole up to 1-1/2") onto the conde
- The magnetic holding collar holds blade perfectly on center

The ball bearing spindle is then free to rate and show the slightest out of balance conditions on the blade. With but a twist of the wrist the blade is off to be reworked when necessary. The TRACKING ARM can be extended for al size blades.

Price: $219.95

Oregon 42-047 Precision Blade Balancer for

Economical version of our 42-016 blade balancer

Price: $237.95

Oregon 42-100 Lawn Mower Blade Balancer for

#1 Best Seller in Lawn Mower Blade Balancing A balanced blade reduces engine wear, stops vibration, gives smoother cut
Quality zinc die-cast
Specifically designed to fit 99% of all center holes
Made of high quality die cast zinc

Simple to use.
Set the center hole of your mower blade onto the balancer and watch the balancing magic.

Price: $4.99

Oregon 514364 Blade Balancer, Same As 42-100 Except Clamshell for

A balanced blade reduces engine wear, stops vibration and gives a smoother cut.
Quality zinc die-cast

Clamshell version of 42-100

Price: $8.99


- Specifically designed to fit 99% of all center holes
- Made of high quality, die cast zinc

Price: $4.95

Stens 750-050 Blade Balancer for

- Wall mount
- Fast, accurate and professional way to balance lawnmower blades
- Magnetic collar holds any blade (with center holeup to 1 1/2" in diameter) perfectly on center
- Ball bearing spindle will show even the slightest out-of-balance blade
- Tracking arm will indicate straightness of blade by matching blade cutting tips to the end of the tracking arm

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