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TrimmerTrap GA-1-2 Gate Grabber Tailgate Assist (late style)

Install the Gate Grabber on your trailers and give your back a break! With just a small investment in time and money you can put an end to the back straining task of raising and lowering a trailer's tailgate.

Considering the number of times this task is performed every day, (remember, it also assists when lowering the gate) the energy savings alone is worth the investment. Unlike other designs, the gate does not have to be pulled on to be lowered. The simple design is easy to install and does not require a lot of rail space, leaving room for more TrimmerTrap products.

An average tailgate with a dead lift weight of approx. 75 lbs. can be transformed into an easy one finger lift. An extra heavy tailgate with a "dead lift" of 100 lbs. becomes a simple two finger lift. The amount of assistance provided is determined by a custom spring specifically manufactured for this application. Adjustments in the amount of assist provided are made by changing the mounting location of the upright and/or the gate bracket.

- All components are zinc plated or E-coated to stand up to the elements.
- Spring safety cable included.

Before installing the Gate Grabber, lifting this gate was a back straining task. With Gate Grabber installed, the gate can easily be lifted with two fingers!

Price: $174.95

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