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We carry a large selection of TrimmerTrap Accessories. The following are the most popular TrimmerTrap Accessories. If you do not see the TrimmerTrap Accessory you need, please complete the Lawn Mower Parts Request Form and we will be happy to assist you.

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TrimmerTrap MR-1 Multi Purpose Trimmer Clamp

TrimmerTrap MR-1 Multi-Use Trimmer Clamp

Every landscape contractor needs at least one MR-1 Trimmer Clamp. Quickly load or unload trimmers with the flip of a single lever.

The adjustable spring loaded jaws, equipped with large rubber pads, clamp down for a tight, firm grip on almost any line trimmer or stick edger. The most important feature of the MR-1 is its versatility.

The clamp and clamp stand are designed as separate parts, and are available separately. This enables you to inexpensively equip numerous pieces of equipment with clamp stands yet purchase only as many clamps as needed. By simply removing a single pin, the clamp can be removed from its stand and installed into a different stand.

Go from one mower to another or to a work bench in the shop. You can even install a clamp stand to your truck or trailer to be used when working on trimmers. Hows that for versatility?

Note: The MR-1 is for use in off road applications only and is NOT to be used in any application where a danger could be manifested should the trimmer come out of the clamp. TrimmerTrap, Inc. does however offer a variety of trimmer racks designed for over the road transportation.

Price: $222.95

TrimmerTrap PT-1 General Purpose Vertical Post Extensions (set of 2)

TrimmerTrap PT-1 Extensions

General purpose "upright extensions" (right) designed to facilitate mounting racks on trailers with tall sides and multiple other uses
Price: $41.95

TrimmerTrap SB-1 Security Bar (fits TT-2 Original only)

TrimmerTrap SB-1 Security Bar

Does NOT include mounting hardware
Increased theft protection with built-in lock guard and extra heavy steel construction
Installs in seconds

Fits our 051-236 Trimmer Rack
Fits our 051-251 Trimmer Rack
Price: $59.95

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