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TrimmerTrap BR-1 Blower Rack

Provides absolute security for your backpack blowers
  • Simply hang blower on hook. The automatic latch with stainless steel spring positively secures the blower. Backrest has holes for attaching an optional stretch cord.
  • Extremely fast ...

Price: $84.95

Trimmertrap CR-3 Combination Rack (includes One Sc-1 Cord)

TrimmerTrap CR-3 Combination Rack

Most damage to handheld blowers, hedge trimmers, and chainsaws occurs during transport, not use!

The combination rack will increase the useful life of these tools by protecting them from the abuse they receive bouncing around in the backs of truck...

Price: $125.99

TrimmerTrap DB-1-3 Dual Backpack Blower Rack

TrimmerTrap DB-1 Double Blower Rack

The choice of Professional Landscapers. This is the blower rack to have when space and strength are important. The easy to use automatic positive latching is "Fast and Foolproof". Simply pull out the knob and raise the slide to load or unload blowers. Con...

Price: $211.95

TrimmerTrap GA-1-2 Gate Grabber Tailgate Assist (late style)

Install the Gate Grabber on your trailers and give your back a break! With just a small investment in time and money you can put an end to the back straining task of raising and lowering a trailer's tailgate.

Considering the number of times this task is performed every day, (remember, it ...

Price: $174.95

Trimmertrap GP-1 General Purpose Blower & Sprayer Rack

The GP-1 is a multipurpose rack designed to secure most any style backpack blower or sprayer. It is available as an open or enclosed trailer version to meet the needs of just about everyone. The bottom retention bracket has different height settings and can also be adjusted laterally to provide a sn...

Price: $165.99

TrimmerTrap HS-1 Hedge Trimmer Rack

TrimmerTrap HS-1 Hedge Trimmer Rack

The HS-1 will secure and protect both single and double edge hedge trimmers of any length. The vertical position uses less trailer space and stores the trimmer up and out of the way, preventing damage. Trimmers with blades 24 inches and longer can be lock...

Price: $74.95

TrimmerTrap HT-1-2 Hand Tool Rack for Open Trailer Trimmer Racks

TrimmerTrap HT-1 Accessory Hand Tool Rack

Used in conjunction with either one of our trimmer racks the TrimmerTrap HT-1 is the low cost answer to storage of rakes, shovels, brooms, etc. Simple bolt on installation will fit all existing TrimmerTrap Trimmer Racks.

For enclosed trai...

Price: $116.95

TrimmerTrap MR-1 Multi Purpose Trimmer Clamp

TrimmerTrap MR-1 Multi-Use Trimmer Clamp

Every landscape contractor needs at least one MR-1 Trimmer Clamp. Quickly load or unload trimmers with the flip of a single lever.

The adjustable spring loaded jaws, equipped with large rubber pads, clamp down for a tight, firm grip on al...

Price: $222.95

Trimmertrap SR-1 Backpack Sprayer Rack

TrimmerTrap SR-1 Backpack Sprayer Rack

(holds ONLY Solo style sprayers with round tubular frame)
Backpack sprayers are difficult to deal with when not being used. They fall over and slide around in the back of your truck, spill, and get broken and run over by other equipment.


Price: $125.99

TrimmerTrap ST-1 Blower Rack (holds STIHL 300 & 400 blowers)

TrimmerTrap ST-1 STIHL BR Series Blower Rack

The ST-1 is the only rack designed specifically for the BR 300 & 400 Series blowers. Simply set your blower on the bottom bracket and pivot the top onto the hang pin, and finish by installing the retaining pin. The blower is secured at the top an...

Price: $59.95

Trimmertrap ST-2 Blower Rack (holds Stihl 550 & 600 Blowers)

The ST-2 is the only rack designed specifically for the STIHL 500 & 600 Series blowers. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the sliding lip to, slide under the handle. Complete installation by pulling the ball knob on the rack and lowering the "slidi...

Price: $133.99

TrimmerTrap TR-1 Portable Hand Tool Rack

TrimmerTrap TR-1 Portable Hand Tool Rack

"Base Mount" provides the height needed for use on open trailers or can be shortened for use on pickup trucks. Installing a "Base Mount" to each vehicle assures quick switch over of the "Rack Unit".
The adjustable "Quick Coupler" provides the o...

Price: $189.95

Trimmertrap TT-1 Trimmer Rack (holds 2)

TrimmerTrap TT-1 Trimmer Rack

The TT-1 Trimmer Rack is perfect for semi-pros and small contractors who only need to carry two trimmers. Also popular with larger contractors for carrying stick edgers or spare trimmers.

Holds two trimmers.
Load or unload a trimmer in 3 seconds.<...

Price: $188.99

TrimmerTrap TT-2 Original Trimmer Rack (holds 3)

Attaches to upper and lower rails of trailer, creating a strong mount
Broken triggers, flooded engines and spilled fuel are a thing of the past
Can be loaded and unloaded in 2 seconds
Does NOT include mounting hardware
Holds 3 trimmers
Locks with a single padlock

Price: $249.95

TrimmerTrap WC-1 Water Cooler Rack (includes 2 AJ-1 straps)

TrimmerTrap WC-1 Cooler Rack

Bolt a TrimmerTrap WC-1 to your open or enclosed trailer or truck and secure any size cooler using the two, four foot long, one inch straps with cam lock buckles. The rack is made of one piece 3/16" steel construction.