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- PureFire 26.9 cc
- 1.4 hp
- 12.8 lbs Fully Assembled
- 2-Ring Piston
- Walbro Rotary Valve Carburetor
- Heavy-Duty Gearcase
- Rubber Coated Grip
- 5-Inch Semi-Automatic Head Included

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When it comes to shaping hedges, cutting back overgrown bushes and shrubs, trimming tall grass, cutting off hindering tree saplings and even tackling small trees, a brushcutter is a really indispensable tool. This piece of outdoor power equipment can be found in the toolkit of every caring homeowner, as it comes in very handy for a wide range of gardening tasks, while being rather lightweight, easy-to-use and maneuver. Indeed, any brushcutter is designed to make light and simple work of rather thick vegetation. It may also be indispensable for low ground tasks, such as trimming lawn edges and neatening plant beds.

There are many different models of brushcutters available on the market today. They typically vary depending on the shaft type and material used, number of handles, power supply and size. The choice of manufacturers is also quite extensive. At Lawnmowerpros we are here to provide you with top-notch performance, highly-efficient, yet affordably priced brushcutters from one of the world's leading manufactures of outdoor power equipment - Tanaka - that has earned the reputation for unmatched quality and reliability of their products.

We offer a wide selection of Tanaka brushcutters including both single handle and dual handle models. These machines are extremely powerful, energy-efficient with low emissions. They feature PureFire two-stroke engines and drive shafts made of solid steel that are backed by manufacturer warranty. While coming standard with a cutting head and blade, Tanaka brushcutters are also designed to be blade and attachment capable. In addition, they contain a Walbro carburetor with primer to ensure fast, easy and reliable starts.

At H and H Lawncare Equipment we also provide an extensive range of premium quality brushcutter blades, including unique all-purpose types, designed to cut ideally any foliage - from grass to heavy weeds. They feature first-class tempered steel construction and reversibility for twice the cutting life.

Without a doubt, the quality and efficiency of your cutting, trimming, shaping and tackling jobs are all about choosing the proper tool. Tanaka brushcutters may come as the most deliberate choice for both homeowners looking for an ideal combination of performance and affordability and professional landscapers who require ultimate efficiency and functionality. Order any of particular Tanaka brushcutters you require online at and get your purchase delivered right to your door in the next few days only.